The Navy Joe Coffee Company Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Terms & Conditions

After you try your first pound of Navy Joe Coffee whether its Battleship Brew Coffee, Battle Stations Coffee, JP5 Coffee, Lifer Juice, Periscope Depth, Reveille, or Sniper Juice, and any of our other legendary Navy coffees you will want to replenish quickly. 

That being said, we utilize United States Postal Service 3-5 day priority shipping, price based on shipping weight for most packages. 

The Navy Joe Coffee Company welcomes fundraising activities to support your organization's fund raising activities. Whether if its for the First Class Mess in your command, schools, athletic clubs, and your religious organization, the Navy Joe Coffee Company is ready to deploy freshly roasted legendary Navy coffee to help raise money for your organization. Pricing may vary according to quantity ordered, and availability.

License Agreements

Navy Joe is now beginning to offer license agreements for those with the entreprenueral spirit.


In some cases a customer may be invoiced for additional shipping costs.


All our coffees are roasted in small batches through a fluid hot air system that does not leave toxic gas residues in your coffee.

The bags that your coffee arrive in have a one way valve for degassing and prevent light from damaging the quality of your coffee.

When available, the green premium arabica beans may be organic, fair trade, and natural washed. Fair trade is limited in countries that support fair trade programs.

Snipe Coffee and JP5 contain a large portion of robusta coffee.


For any reason you are not satisfied with our legendary Navy Coffee please email us at we will do our best to correct the problem.