The Navy Joe Coffee Company Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Reveille - Breakfast Blend


ROAST:          Medium / Dark             BEAN:      Arabica

ORGANIC:        Yes                               TYPE:       Blend

FREE TRADE:  Yes                               BLEND:   Top Secret

BEAN ORIGIN:    Indonesia, Africa, and South America


AVAILABLE: GROUND - WHOLE BEAN-100% Recyclable BPA Free K Cups, 12 Cups, 12 grams per cup

WEIGHT: 16 ounces (1 Pound) of Legendary Navy Joe Coffee !

When available, the green premium arabica beans may be organic, fair trade, and natural washed.

No flavors, colors, additives, and preservatives are added in any of the Navy Joe Coffee Company coffee

Medium/Dark Roast, mysterious and full of treasures. An eclectic melange of coffee roastes that wanders between ripe fruit, milk chocolate, licorice, and back again. Big, voluptuous body, subdued acidity, satisfying depth and a very, very happy ending.