The Navy Joe Coffee Company Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

IYAOYAS Brew Dark Roast


IYAOYAS Brew Dark Roast

Ever been smacked in the face with a hernia bar? Drank from the bottom of a 20MM ammo can after cleaning MER feet? Take one gulp of Navy Joe’s IYAOYAS and you’ll be running to the head faster than you did after a big ‘ole plate of greasy S.O.S..... this is Navy gruel on steroids! Advise consuming in small quantities with a Corpsman on stand-by. 

When available, the green premium arabica beans may be organic, fair trade, and natural washed.

ROAST:              Dark                          BEAN:      Arabica

ORGANIC:        Yes                            TYPE:       Single Origin

FREE TRADE:  Yes                             BLEND:   Top Secret

BEAN ORIGIN:    Mexico



K CUP:  BPA Free & 100% Recyclable 12 cups, 12 grams per cup.

WEIGHT: 16 ounces (1 Pound) of Legendary Navy Joe Coffee !

No flavors, colors, additives, and preservatives are added in any of the Navy Joe Coffee Company coffees